Germany on the Seas

By George Sterling

"The submarine then proceeded to shell the
    defenseless life-boats."—any newspaper.

What monsters of the mythologic den
    Shall match the horror of the Hun at sea ?
    The frozen blood congeals, then, leaping free,
Goes furious on its outraged course again.
This is the work of devils, not of men!
    By this they do, know now that man may be
    Deeper below the beast than ever we
Have soared above the reptiles of the fen.

They do this open-eyed. This is their plan,
    Tho all the world go sick with qualms of it.
Such savageries do men devise for man,
        Conscious and nothing loth, as tho Hell's slime
    Took form to do the bidding of the Pit—
        A stench upon our days and ways of Time!

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